Board of governors

Marija Pujo Tadić

Ambassador (IICA-IASE “Regional hub”)
President of the Board of Governors

- Climate Leader
- International Expert in Climate Change Law and Policy
- Univ. Specialist in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy – Climate Diplomacy

Hrvoje Novosel


- Expert in finance, banking, strategic planning and project management
- Expert in the financial aspects of Climate Change

Teo Čolan


- Expert in the field of waste management

Boška Trbojević

Boška Trbojević

Head of communications

- Experienced communications director with background in international business.
- Corporate Social Responsibility expert, leading corporate sustainability agenda and corporate community outreach for almost two decades, with many internationally recognized and awarded projects, including issuing first ever company CSR report in SEE.


IICA-IASE committees

Mladen Vedriš, PhD

Mladen Vedriš,

IICA-IASE Academic committee (AC)

- Professor and economic expert
- politician and businessman

Sunčanica Skupnjak Kapić

Sunčanica Skupnjak Kapić

IICA-IASE Ethics committee (EC)

- Expert in the field of international trade and trade policy, corporate social responsibility and anti-corruption

Domagoj Ivan Milošević

Domagoj Ivan Milošević

International council (IC)

- Politician and businessman

Powering professional standards

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